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How to receive your first order at ToBuyStone?

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Prompt:ToBuyStone is a professional B2B platform for stone industry, and it has a great influence and large users in stone industry. It is a communication bridge between supplie
ToBuyStone is a professional B2B platform for stone industry, and it has a great influence and large users in stone industry. It is a communication bridge between suppliers and buyers. It brought innovation for stone industry in the field of traditional Internet and mobile Internet, and brought excellent using experience in Internet and mobile Internet promotion for customers.

How to promote through ToBuyStone? How to receive your first order on ToBuyStone?

1. Accurate targeting

ToBuyStone has two versions which are For China (Chinese: tobuystone.cn) and For International (English: tobuystone.com). Different websites are targeted at different markets.

ToBuyStone For China is targeted at China stone market, while ToBuyStone For International is targeted at international stone market.

If your business is mainly targeted at China market, you’d better to choose StoneBing For China. If your business is mainly targeted at international market, you’d better to choose StoneBing For International.

2. Freely register to be ToBuyStone member

After choosing which ToBuyStone website you use, you can start to freely register to be member of ToBuyStone. You need to pay attention to following problems when you register, it can help your promotion later.

a. The information should be as much as possible when you register, thus it can help your ranking and to get more trust from buyers.
b. The main products information should be accurate and concise.
c. You should spend more effort to write your company introduction for it is related to your impress given to your potential customers, and it is also a key point to the rate of communication with customers. So, the company introduction should be carefully written. For example, you can consciously highlight that you have factories or quarry resources, not simply tell your customers what products you have. You also can add some pictures or vedios ab0ut your company in the introduction. It can make your introduction illustrated and vivid so that your potential customers will be more interested in you.

3. Post your products

Logging in ToBuyStone and entering My ToBuyStone, you can post your products. It is worth mentioning that free StoneBing members also have excellent back management as paid-up members. We abandon many websites’ practice of limiting access for free members, which brings large benefit for free members.

You must carefully write the title while you’re posting products. The title should as accurate and concise as possible. Do not write repetitive information in title, otherwise it may be thought as junk information so that cannot be passed the approval. Meanwhile, the product parameters should be as many as possible so that improve its matching rate. You should write the product’s introduction as much as possible, for example, you can add some cases pictures in the introduction to attract more attention, and the pictures should be clear, beautiful and different pictures and perspectives, thus customers can know more ab0ut your products through these information.

4. Post-maintenance

After the products information were passed approval, the post-maintenance is also very imp0rtant. You need to log in two or three times and updat your products to increase member activeness, which can help your products ranking and increase your exposure. At the same time, you also can attach your products 1inks in QQ groups, or send the 1inks to your customers by e-mail, and share your products to your Friends Circle, WeChat friends and Weibo, etc by share tool.

We believe that no pain no gain. Through above operations, you must gain surprises on ToBuyStone.

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