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Salt Spray Test Chamber

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Brand: Allystone 
Internal Dimensions: 160*100*50 (W*D*H) cm
Test temperature: 35 about 1 ℃ or 50 about 1 ℃
Within size: 400 * 450 * 400.
Price: 5644.00/set 
Min. Order: 1 set 
Delivery Period: 20 set
Delivery Period: Shipped within 20 days from the date of payment of the buyers.
Location: China (Mainland)
Valid Until: Long-term effective
Last Updated: 09 Jun,2017
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Salt Spray Test Chamber Description

Salt Spray Test Chamber

Salt Fog Corrosion Test/Features: 
instrumentation equipment for materials, electrical and electronic products, household appliances , auto parts , chemical coatings , aerospace products and other related products, parts at high temperature hot and humid environment storage, transportation , use of adaptive trials. The test equipment is mainly applied to industrial products constant , alternating hot and humid reliability test , the physical characteristics of the product as well as other relevant environmental simulation tests to determine the performance of the product, is still able to meet predetermined requirements in order to facilitate product design, improve identification and factory inspection by .   [sales(at)aslitesting.com]
Spray Chamber/Technical parameters:
Test Standard:NSS, ACSS CASS
Test temperature:35 about 1 ℃ or 50 about 1 ℃
Internal Dimensions : 160*100*50 (W*D*H) cm
Dimensions:230*120*150 (W*D*H)cm
Salt Testing Equipment/Use:
1.imported from Germany, high temperature and high humidity corrosive Class A gray PVC sheet .
2.tank heating tank for the interior heating .
3.saltwater tank set up in the housing bottom, spray evenly.
4.temperature control accuracy : ± 0.1 ℃; over-temperature protection device , temperature distribution (<2 ℃).
5.Within size:400 * 450 * 400.
6.gas concentration control ; 0.3 % -1 % of working voltage, constant current, constant concentration .
7.cylinder using hydrogen sulfide , hydrogen sulfide is required after treatment device .
Equipment meet the standards GB/T2423.1-2001 testing procedures for electric and electronic products Test
A: Cold test method GB/T2423.2-2001 testing procedures for electric and electronic products Test
B: high-temperature test method GB/T2423.3-2006 electric and electronic products environmental test methods Test
Cab: Damp heat test GB2424.1-89 electric and electronic products environmental testing procedures for high temperature and low temperature tests GB/T2324.2-1989.GB/T2423.1-1989.GB/T2423.4-1993 targeting national standards international market , the products have been sold to over 10 countries and regions of Russia , Turkey, South Korea, Brazil , Argentina , India, Pakistan, Singapore , Malaysia, Indonesia , has won wide recognition from customers at home and abroad

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